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Escaping 'Big Agra': Organic Food and Small-Scale Farming

In recent decades, consumers worldwide have become increasingly conscientious about what they choose to eat and drink. The rise of industrialized agriculture in the late 20th century, meanwhile, has prompted a renewed interest in organically-grown produce and small-scale farming.

Organic food is produce grown without the aid of potentially harmful synthetic chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides) and which does not contain any genetically modified organisms. Small-scale farming, meanwhile, is a farming method that relies on relatively small plots of agricultural land to produce proportionally higher yields without the use of high technology.

Find Small-Scale Farmers

This website aims to help health-conscious readers liberate themselves from the monopolistic agricultural companies collectively known as "Big Agra." Here, readers can find a plethora of well-researched material on the many benefits of organically-grown produce and small-scale farming methods and techniques.

This site can also help readers differentiate between organic and non-organic food products by simply reading the (admittedly confusing) labeling on the packaging. What's more, visitors can find valuable information on how to locate small-scale farming communities operating in their particular area.

Grow It Yourself

For hard-core organic foodies, this site also features helpful advice on how to plant, tend and harvest one's own natural produce, from tomatoes and cucumbers to eggplant and green peppers. Tips provided on this site range from how to set up one's own personal vegetable garden to the best times of day (or night) to water one's home-grown organic crops.